Check This Out: Vorus – Chamber Of Laments Demo

This one popped up on my Facebook feed today and I thought why not write about this band or perhaps this just a project, but nevertheless this is good music. This is Vorus from Romania.

Vorus (Latin)
I Devour (English)
Is a new Death Metal solo project by Uriel Aguillon (ex-Morbicus, ex-Cannabis Sativa, ex-Pyrophoric, Gutwrench, Rotting Away, Necrorite, Cryptic Realms, etc)

This is the info on Vorus Bandcamp page. Even though none of the bands mentioned above say nothing to me, it is clear that the person behind Vorus, Uriel Aguillon, is an experienced musician and it can be heard on this record. Chamber Of Laments is something like if Death Breath and Vorum would do a collaboration song. Anyhow, this three song demo is definitely worth checking out.