Old School Never Dies: ODWOFDM Part 1

ODWOFDM aka One Demo Wonders Of Finnish Death Metal. I thought I´d write about these bands that never got any huge attention in the world wide scene, but still, to my ears, sound very good and are (more or less) essential to Finnish Death Metal, the scene I hold so very dear.






Formed in 1994, in Vantaa. Their only demo was released also in 1994 and carries the name …And Love Perished, which I think is quite unusual name for a Death Metal release at the time. The trend continues in the song titles, such as, The Birds Have Gone, Touch and Daughters Of Dawn. Was not able to find lyrics but, is this possibly the original Love Metal…? Probably not but, HIM can go fuck itself anyway. Unusual is also the guitar sound, as it´s nothing close to the bands that defined the Finnish Death Metal sound. (Abhorrence, Convulse, etc.) On the sidenote, Petri Eskelinen, Vocals, is/was also part of Feastem, Rapture, Famine Year and even Finntroll´s live set up after Adornment and can now be located where ever The Other Records has set up shop. Personally, I think this demo is very FUCKING good.  I don´t want to dig too deep into this and ruin the element of surprise for the reader, I´ll just leave this here:




Adornment – …And Love Perished




Agonized is one of the more legendary Finnish Death Metal bands. Formed in 1990, in Lahti, Agonized released only one demo titled Gods… in 1991. This demo is filthy. Sounds suck in best possible way and vocals sound like extremely heavy breathing. What´s with that ejaculation sound intro though? Outro is something else too. I guess only the band members know what they are supposed to resemble. Covers are one of the most iconic FDM covers ever. It´s a shame Agonized never got around doing a full-length album and it seems that all the members just quit playing (metal at least) soon after Agonized disbanded. Some of them formed a band called Cadavericmutilator which also released just one demo called Corpus Callosum. Did not manage to find that on Youtube, if any of you reading this is sitting on it, upload it now. It´s a cultural act of heroism. Anyhow, the Agonized demo is one of the ”must know” releases of Finnish Death Metal.



I´m not going to say much about this one, as the demo is not that great. Somewhat enjoyable though. Only one demo released in 1992 and called Demo 1992. Formed in Vimpeli in 1990. Song titles like Human Burger or Yuppicide tell you that they did not take things too seriously. This band later became Excrement. Most notable thing in Apoplexy is that Antti Oinonen (Cadaveric Incubator) played guitars and did vocals on the demo.


Only one demo released under this name, possibly only thing they managed to release under any of their many names. Again, not the best case of demos, but still. Something. Check this out, this is copied from Metal Archives: 1989-1990 (as Asthma), 1990-1993, 1993-1994 (as Desmodus), 1994-1998 (as Uncle Candy), ?-present (as Desmodus) Absolutely terrible. Carnage demo was called Dreaming In Crypt. Not much more info there.




Chasm was formed in 1991 in Forssa. Their only demo Still Unnamed was released in 1993. They seem to have had three vocalists, but most of them might be marked down as members after their comeback show in 2008. (They have not played since at least not that I would have noticed) Still Unnamed occasionally flirts with hardcore and there are some incredibly weak ”clean” vocals there that completely ruined this demo for me. If you skip any of these demos on the article, skip this one. Tasty riffs ruined with really shitty vocals. This band is nothing more than a side note on the lore of Finnish Death Metal.





Completely new find for me. Coprophilia was formed in Uusikaupunki. Only release is titled Demo ´91. This is really cool stuff. Very low vocals and dirty guitar sounds and riffs. This sounds very rude! These guys have been very young when doing this demo. Just look at the picture. Just kids! Perfect stuff. Some of the members seem to have passed away already though. Most notable member is Marko Tyni, (this name sounds so familiar but just  can´t get it to my head why) who were involved in various Black Metal bands before his death.



Finnish Crematory. Formed in Finland in ???? Confirmed Suffering is their only demo from 1989. Reminds me a bit of Death. Really raw demo with Thrashy elements. Or well, at least this one song I managed to find. Can´t say much about it, but really liking the song.

No clues on these:

  • Carpe DiemDead Rush Tranquility 1992
  • CadavericmutilatorCorpus Callosum 1990
  • Dark OperaDemo 1995