Review: Wrathrone – Reflections Of Torment



I was on tour with my own band and at one of the shows I got the album from Mikael Ruoho, the drummer of Wrathrone. I expected it to be straight up continuation to their debut album Born Beneath, but instead the band has gone to a whole new level!

Reflections Of Torment shows a whole new side of the band. Where Born Beneath was straight forward and in your face kind of blasting and torment, the new album takes that to a new level and adds something that has not been there ever before in Wrathrone´s music. Extremely tasty melodies. Now don´t be fooled. They have not gone full Bon Jovi or anything. If I would have to use a band to describe their music, I would say they sound like Entrails, but better and Finnish. Vocals have also taken a step forward on this album. I actually had to get up from my chair and pause my intense gaming session and check if I was still listening to Wrathrone! The song that was playing at that moment was ”Bloodline.” Check out at least that track. My only concern about this album is, that will it get the attention it deserves? Album is released in co-operation by Russian Satanath Records and Italian The Void Records. Labels that don´t, at least for now, posses the means to shove this album down the throats of every Death Metal fanatic there is. Let´s hope for the best. Wrathrone deserves it.

Overall I feel this album is the next step the band needed to take. What does the future hold for Wrathrone? I remain and observe.