Blenderfest 2017

Blenderfest is a really underground event, that was held first time this year at Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa. Line up consisted from Death Metal & Grindcore bands like Newcomers Instant and the legends Lubricant.




First up was this somewhat weirdly named band called Korpsesoturi, (= Corpsewarrior) who played some decent Swedish styled Death Metal. This band was a new find for me and I did not know what to expect from them, but luckily this was not just some poor joke band as I first thought. Korpsesoturi delivered somewhat professional show and I will have to dig in to their material more later.

Organ Grinder

While there is not many Brutal Death Metal bands in Finland, this young band started out as very very VERY annoying ”humor” band and did not create the best foundation to start with for themselves. However the band took more serious attitude and 3/4 members were changed and now they manage to sound like a real band on the stage. Still a lot to do on the appearance side and maybe not all songs need to be introduced especially when they all seem to be about anal and different variations of anal. This band has potential to be good, but only time will tell. 


Next up was the Death Metal youngsters Instant From Vaasa. They seemed to have brought along their very own entourage to the show and this seemed to irritate some of the older members in the audience, but at least this entourage was there to raise some chaos. Oh, and -100 points to the entourage from HC styled pit. The band itself seems to develop every time I see them live. The songs keep getting better and their playing is a bit sharper than it used to be. Also some Grindcore influences have made it´s way into their songs.




The torchbearers of Finnish Old School Death Metal. Old farts can go back to their graves, we don´t need them as long as we have Galvanizer. If I´m not mistaken, they had some new stuff on the set and I thought I heard more Crust Punk influences than usually in their music, which I personally think is a good thing. Let there be chaos and sickness!



Cannibal Accident

A NAKED DUDE ON STAGE! Not just that member of the band who wears just strings on stage but a dude from another band climbed on the stage totally naked. You can always expect the unexpected at Cannibal Accident shows. This show was the best of the whole evening with it´s chaotic atmosphere. Foreskin Noose is quite catchy song by the way. Yes, they do play some extremely tight Grindcore. The show ended with the most of the audience on the stage with the band having some sort of too tight mosh pit or something. Good times!




Everyone on stage.


The one and only Cumbeast! The groove department is here! This is how you play Brutal Death Metal. Not too serious, not too much joke aspect. THE GROOVES MAN! THE GROOVES! Cumbeast is one of those very rare Brutal Death Metal bands that you could listen to all night long. These guys can actually play their instruments. I don´t know what more can I say. Very good show. Very good. Ah!



At this point I decided to leave even though there was still Lubricant left on the bill. It seemed like most of the audience had the same plan as the show had about one hour delay and last train home was about to leave. So if something needs to develop on Blenderfest to next year, then the fact that you need to stay on time.