Review: Ossuarium – Calcified Trophies Of Violence

Calcified Trophies Of Violence

Ossuarium is a young band, having been formed in 2016,  in Portland, Oregon. (USA) Calcified Trophies Of Violence is their first demo, released in early November 2017. Their Death Metal is dark and ominous, drawing influences from the masters Autopsy and Incantation.

This three song demo is no doubt a good start for the band. While dripping with filth, the songs manage to draw images of hellish nightmares. I like the sounds on this demo very much. While the sound is not unique, it feels like there is no direct comparison. ”Abhorrent Travesty Of The Human Shape” rises out among the other songs as a clear ”hit song” of the demo. No wonder this demo appeared on many ”best of 2017” lists across the internet. I, for one, am waiting to hear more from Ossuarium in near future. Highly recommended for the fans of FILTH!