Svart Death Night #3: Lubricant & Convulse

Svart Death Night is a concept where Svart Records puts up two of Finnish Death Metal legends, signed on Svart Records naturally, on stage at Bar Loose in Helsinki. Circumstances for this show could have been MUCH better. Steelfest at Hyvinkää, about 50km from Helsinki had drawn all the underground metalheads there and we who attended this show were few but that did not matter. Only Death Is Real.


Lubricant is a band from another world. It´s always such a pleasure to see them play live. You can see that the guys enjoy what they do and smiling at a Lubricant show is mandatory. First song goes by as a warm up for both the band and the audience. From there the show is full on Lubricant, with some joking around and crazy grooving riffs. They even played some new stuff and the best part is that you could not hear the difference between the old stuff and the new. I have always been very critical of old bands returning and doing new stuff, because usually it just can´t match the older stuff. On this case, I can´t wait to see and hear what future holds for Lubricant.



Convulse is a good example of a band that does a comeback and a new album and just can´t get on the level they used to be. Well, ok. World Without God is hard or even impossible to beat. Their comeback album, Evil Prevails, was ok, with few good songs, but the follow up, Cycle Of Revenge… Let´s just say that I don´t own it. To my surprise, Convulse starts with those ”not so good” songs from the Cycle Of Revenge album and they seem to work live much better than I would have ever thought. I have to admit I was very skeptical to begin with, but this surprise wipes away all my doubts and as the evening comes to the part where they played songs from World Without God and that iconic intro comes out of the speakers, I just could not help but enjoy the show. I can only hope that this is once again a new dawn for Convulse and that they can reach the level of madness they once had.