Death of a war god


Unlike the headline might suggest, this is not a fantasy novel, but a review of the very last show from the Finnish Death Metal band Sotajumala = war god, in english. I personally USED TO BE a big fan in my teens when their album Teloitus hit the stores back in the day. After that I started losing my interest towards the band bit by bit even though they always managed to be found from festivals I attended and their shows always were top drawer stuff. This time I ventured all the way from Helsinki to Jyväskylä just to see them and well… VERY interesting warm-up acts Deathchain and Torture Killer.


Almost immediately after the doors were opened, Deathchain takes the stage. This is one those childhood bands that I once listened to every day and somehow suddenly stopped. I can´t even remember when I have seen them live last time? Tuska 2005 maybe? Maybe. I guess I had put on a huge level of expectation for this show for when they begin I can´t help but feel a bit disappointed, ”Serpent Of The Deep” opens the set and I find my way to alcohol area… This is a thing in Finland. A fucking cage where you drink your beer so that you would not be able to enjoy of two things at a time. Thank you Christians, thank you so fucking much. Since I can´t see the band I just hang at the alcohol cage and listen to Deathchain. All of a sudden I feel that they just stepped in another gear! Quick finish to my beer and back to the show! Rest of the set consisted of songs from the absolute teen anthem album of mine, Deaththash Assault! ”Deaththrash Legions,” ”Lepra Lord,” ”Panzer Holocaust” and the ultimate ending song ”Graveyard Witchery!” What a blast after all! I kind of hope that they would return properly but only if they can deliver a great album once again. Otherwise, make some space, we got more death incoming. Also, Antti Boman on stage wearing a Cthulhu mask and doing his infernal backing vocals. Yes.


Torture Killer

Oh and yes! My first time at the legendary venue Tanssisali Lutakko. Great place, wish we would have something like this in Helsinki too… Only without that alcohol cage… Anyway, time for Torture Killer. Their set does n´t provide any surprises. Unless you count that weird ”stadium rock” snare sound as a surprise. Top quality death metal! If you are unfamiliar with this band, you are doing yourself a huge favor by checking it out. You might even find a surprising singer on the second album… Some minor technical difficulties at the very beginning but it´s quickly solved and the show goes on without further hiccups. Evening closes near to it´s climax…



As I said before, I lost my interest to this band long time ago, even though I have all their albums, the first song of the set says nothing to me. ”Oh they have this kind of stuff too, ok.” Second song is ”8:15” a real hit song that always gets the pit going and the last time is not an exception to that. From this point on the events on the stage are a bit blur to me, not because of alcohol, but because I am focused on not missing a moment of this. The last time. I must remember this to my grave. Why? I guess the teenage boy in me was awaken for a short time. The show is a bit unnatural to Sotajumala, since they are usually very aggressive and hateful on the stage. Today they are laughing and cracking jokes with the audience. Atmosphere in the room is quite cheery and easy going, something I did not expect at all. No worries, they know they are about to die. Life is easy to them. Now, I can´t remember if the last song was ”Verellä Kirjoitettu” or ”Riistetty Viattomuus” but either way the ending was glorious with it´s wall of deaths and stage diving mayhem. Almost two hours of death metal, rarely heard songs, quest vocals, past members and goodbyes the curtain comes down on one the most unique bands ever to come from Finland. Sotajumala – In Memoriam. Don´t do comebacks, stay away. May your corpse forever rot in the cellars of Death Metal Finland.