Review: Inert – Obliteration Of The Self



Inert is a two man project split between Spain and Sweden. HM-2 powered death metal is the name of the game here and under the hammer is their debut release Obliteration of The Self EP.

Obliteration Of The Self

At first I have to say this, to all the bands in the world. HM-2 is cool as fuck, but as it was some years ago a mysterious relic from the past, today it sounds a tool of mass produced mediocrity. Inert here has done well with the sound. While it is clear, that Swe-Death worship is the thing, they have not cranked the pedal to the point where all the riffs are just one big blurry wall on the background. However, I can´t help but feel that all this has been done before. ”Trading Death” stands out of the other three songs on this EP. The song has this ”positively shitty” melodic part that reminds me of Necrony, so Swe-Death worship is on point here. In total Obliteration Of The Self is not a bad record, it in fact earned the band a record deal with Neckbreaker Records. It is just not that unforgettable either.