Live Review: Goresoerd (EST), Refusal, Wrathrone @ Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa

It was a day off from work and not much else to do, so I decided to go and see Wrathrone, which I had not seen before. I also did some Helsinki Death Fest promotion there so it was a great excuse to go. To The Depths Vantaa it is!


With only a handful of people in the house, Wrathrone starts the show. Small audience doesn´t seem to matter to them as they deliver their death metal. These guys play really well together. I don´t know how often they play live, but it really seems like they have waited for this occasion and make the most of it. If I have to say something negative, it seems that their songs are all quite the same in a way that there is not much changes to the tempo or so. Well, brutal ass kicking works fine too. I have always thought that if these bands who play to small audiences would go in front of a bigger crowd, what could they get out of themselves? There´s potential on this band too you know…

Check Wrathrone here.



If you are one those people who think that since we have the most metal bands compared to how many people live here and think that we must have a great scene and everything is so fucking metal… remember this next sentence: THERE WAS PEOPLE SLEEPING ON THE COUCHES WHEN REFUSAL STARTED! Refusal, the Napalm Death of Finland, does their best to wake up the sleeping fools. Their show is once again exceptional. I have lost count on how many times I have seen them live but they always manage to amaze with their fierce brutality. Top shelf stuff once again. Come think of it… Maybe those sleeping bodies were dead as they did not wake up…

Check Refusal here.



I had checked this band out earlier and was not convinced. They mix some machines and noises into their Death Metal, but still manage to sound a bit too ”safe” for my taste. I have not much to say about their show other than ”interesting” as I left after couple of songs… Those sleeping guys had vanished too… better that way.

Check Goresoerd here.