Netherlands Death Fest II – The Experience

This article is about my time at Netherlands Death Fest II, not just the fest, but also other ramblings and mishaps. I will also give some attention to other genres this time as well. I will skip the travelling phase and the first day at Amsterdam, as it´s mainly bullshit, but thanks to the barkeep at The Cave for the Salmari shots.

Day 1

It´s Day 1! This is my first time at NDF and Netherlands in general, so I don´t know what to expect. ”It´s just a quick stop at the hotel to drop off our gear and we should be well in time to see Exhumed” Little did I know. Our hotel was in Oisterwijk, a town not so far from Tilburg. But the hotel was not IN Oisterwijk, it was just outside it, which meant that we got seriously lost trying to find it and after hours and several phone calls we finally found the place when Exhumed was already playing. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK! When we finally make it to the venue, Discharge is already playing. Missed Brodequin also… FUCKING FUCK! FUCKING NETHERLANDS WITH YOUR FUCKING FUCKPLACES THAT ARE NOT ON THE MAP! ARGH! Well. Discharge is nothing more than a curiosity for me and we sit way back at the 013 and drink our well deserved festival beers. The venue itself was amazing though. I have never seen anything like it. Felt like home from the start.


Somewhere in there is Discharge.

After this, I went for food and naturally, more beers. To a Finnish person, these festival beers were cheap as your mother on her wedding day, so me and my friends consumed them quite a lot during the weekend. Also shoutout to the festival burgers. Damn fine! Tried to go see some Gorgasm, but the Second Stage was totally packed so gave up and got yet another beer. (You see how this goes?)

Next up is Repulsion. Never been a huge fan of them, but of course when you get a chance to see them, you take it. I don´t have much history with the band so everything in their set is quite new to me and it passes by song by song and I´m just sipping beer and nodding my head. Nothing special, but can´t complain either.



Next I went to see this band called Iron Lung and left the place immediately. Some sludge/stoner/something. Not my kind of stuff.

NOW! Something I have really waited! Terrorizer playing World Downfall set! The set starts 30 minutes late because of the longest drum check I have ever witnessed. Well. It´s Pete Sandoval playing. First time I got a bit excited. Maybe it´s the beer talking but I actually enjoyed the set even though the vocals sucked and the whole set sounded to heavily underline who´s behind the kit. Not as good as I hoped, but I may have some unrealistic expectations. Enjoyed it anyway.



Tried to see Wormrot, but the Second Stage is again packed full. More beer.

Next up is Bloodbath. Zero expectations. That is good, because one can only wonder why this band bothers to play live shows, since they always suck. Good things were: Backing vocals, dry English humor ”Waiter asked me what do I want to eat, I said nothing because I have already Eaten.” Yay. We leave the venue and go to a local bar called Little Devil. Here I met a person called Spandex MarkoInstant was mentioned, I bought some weird Dutch metal… Total Mayhem. Also, there are no cabs for nine people in Netherlands, which one Finnish crew realized in the middle of the night. Not us. There were only four of us…


Super group on vacation. Bloodbath.

Day 2

Day two starts with a mild hangover. First bands for the day would be Disavowed and Dead Congregation. We decide that it´s not possible to reach the venue in time for Disavowed and we gather ourselves up a little longer… with a result of missing the train and so we missed Dead Congregation too. WELL THEN!

Malignancy is half way their show when we arrive and we listen couple of songs from them from the hallway while getting the first beers… Myrkskog is the first band today that we actually see and while it´s interesting to see Destructhor from Morbid Angel (or Ex-Morbid Angel) in action, the band itself feels like bland mix of ”extreme” death and black metal.



After this, we head first time to Patronaat, the third stage. Inferia is about to start! Inferia delivers as usual. Relentless porngrind. Sadly they are given a slot overlapping with Tsjuder on the main stage, so most of the audience were there. This does n´t bother Inferia too much and the Lahti bastards deliver a great show. We still have time to see the end of the Tsjuder show, so we head back to main stage. Personally Tsjuder is a band that does n´t excite me, but my friends seem to like the rest of the show.




Me and some others enjoying our Grind.

Time for some more Finnish Grindcore. Death Toll 80k is about to hit the stage at Patronaat. The show starts like any other Grind show, with a tight blasts etc. but then something goes wrong. Guitar string snaps and replacing it swallows a huge chunk of the show. We decide to leave at this point. Shame.

Next up is Impaled Nazarene. They deliver a very basic Impaled Nazarene show. Nothing huge but also nothing disappointing either.


Impaled Nazarene

At this point I´m starting to be quite drunk. I don´t remember I would have seen anything from the bands between Impaled Nazarene and Nifelheim. Even from Nifelheim my memories are vague at best, but soon after I was on my feet again and heading to see Sinister. My friends go apeshit about this band, but I can´t find anything good or interesting or NOTHING from their show. More beer.





I have time to see only two first song from Candlemass show, as the main reason I came to this fest, Cianide, is about to start. Who ever made the time table. Go home. This is just the second time that Cianide is even in Europe. I had my expectations high, most likely too high, because after the show I feel disappointed. Sounds were not right, band seemed quite uninterested and nothing was right on it. FUCK!



Gorgoroth set is not interesting, General Surgery passes by, Horna is Horna. Seen too many times I guess. Saturday was not giving much back to me.

Day 3 – The Final Cuntdown

Time for wonders is not over! We make it to the venue in time! This is not the biggest surprise for the day. It is that Corpsessed is playing for full Main Stage!!!!! WHAT! FUCKING WONDERFUL! I am used to seeing Corpsessed on small stages where they play literally shoulder to shoulder and seeing them on a huge stage like this really opened some new levels from their music to me. If I´m not mistaken, they also played some new songs…!



Next up was God Macabre. One of those shows I had waited to see! Their show is nothing special but it´s all it needs to be. Great Old School Swedish Death Metal! I don´t what I should say about it. It was good. Ok.


God Macabre.

After God Macabre I went to see what this weirdly named band plays. The band is Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Their music is not that impressive to me, so I just watch two first songs and leave. Craft is on at the same time. Not that impressive. Leaving. I have some time before Cancer to see Grave Miasma. Some basic ”deathcult” Death Metal. Quite ok. It´s time to get Cancer

Another one that I had waited a long time to see! Cancer Fucking Cancer! They turn out to be very fucking awesome and my alcohol level is rising so all is good here! To The Gory End!



A quick check on Convulse… Yeah, their on stage. Now. Demolition Hammer. I don´t remember much of the show, except that I enjoyed it a lot. From this point on I´m having troubles to remember exactly what happened, but I remember watching Triptykon in awe and some flashbacks on Hooded Menace but after this it´s all blur. 

What a great fest. Again next year!


The beast!