Review: Lifeblind – Insanity Infesting Reality


Lifeblind was formed in 2015 in Stockholm. They have released a Demo in 2015 and Insanity Infesting Reality EP, which was released by Blunt Force Records in 2016.

Insanity Infesting Reality

Before you press play on the Bandcamp link below, ask yourself, what comes in to your mind from the words, Stockholm and Death Metal. Now press play. Lifeblind is exactly that, but also manages not to sound like a poor copy of the bands from the Swedish golden era. Lifeblind delivers stylish HM-2 powered Death Metal with tight riffs and relentless attitude. Raw vocals crown the release. ”Serve In Pain” rises out to be the best song on this release. Overall this 4 track, piece of relentless beating is a great show of what the band can do. I can recommend this to everyone easily. It won´t be waste of your time.