Review: Morte – Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción


Argentinian Morte has released their debut EP Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción digitally on bandcamp in January 2016 and now I hold the physical version in my hand, a tape released by the young German label Lycanthropic Chants.

Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción

EP starts with quite traditional intro clip from a movie or news reel about some cannibalistic murder and at this point I thought that this is going to be brutal death metal from which South America is known of. So as a surprise, a positive one, ”Reliquia De Huesos,” the first track, delivers some Left Hand Path era Entombed kind of groovy death metal! Crushing guitar sound and the vocals of Juan Facundo Brinville create images of cemetery full of crawling zombies and dismembered bodies scattered on the tombstones! Songs on this EP are mostly quite short, between 2 to 4 minutes, which is usually good length for this kind of rotten death metal. It´s hard to raise one song over the others, but ”La Pesadilla” and a bit more dooming piece ”Eterna Nada” rise to be my favorites. Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción is consistent and a great debut release. Overall atmosphere is great on the EP and the cover art made by Felipe Lovizio Rodriguez fulfills the feeling of dirty rotten 90´s. I can easily recommend Morte to all old school freaks out there! This one won´t leave my playlist in a long while!