Review: Sin Of God – Aenigmata


Sin Of God from Hungary combines technical death metal and grindcore in their music. No one has reinvented the wheel here, but often you don´t have to if your fundamentals are good. 


I was worried, as this was my first encounter with Sin Of God, that this is going to be some instrument wankers doing guitar porn and I was very happy when ”phosphorus”introduces some old school based technical death metal. ”Ignis Inferalis… Illuminate Us” kind of reminds me of Amon and Deicide, but even with these associations Sin Of God does not sound like a duplicate of the fore mentioned, but actually delivers some enjoyable death worship. However there is not one song that would clearly rise above the rest. It feels a bit like all the songs are carved from the same wood and this is the downside of the album. In a nutshell, Aenigmata is a good album, but offers no surprises. Those who love bands like Amon and Deicide should check out this album.