Review: Funeral Home – MMXVI


Funeral Home comes from Kuopio, Finland. Funeral Home was founded in 2009, but their first release, demo MMXVI was released in 2016.


This three song demo reminds me of my youth. Back then all the new bands sounded like this. Except they were not as good as Funeral Home is. They label their music as Melodic Death Metal, which it sure is, but don´t be driven away by that definition. Funeral Home is not Melodic Death Metal like Soilwork or In Flames used to be. So no clean singing here! If I would have to compare Funeral Home to another band, I would say that older Insomnium would be the closest. I might have heard some North From Here era Sentenced here too… So Melodic Death Metal with 90´s vibes. 

First song, ”Fear Of Death,” is an aggressive piece. Straight forward crushing song without hooks, but still an enjoyable track. Good start. ”The Cleansing Light” is more melodic, but still on the crushing side. ”Freezing Horror” is melodic almost to an epic level. My personal favorite on this demo. The song really keeps a hold of the listener. Melodic parts turn into faster ”brutal” parts just in the right moment. MMXVI is great first release, where each song is better than the other. MMXVI might need more than one spin to open up, but it´s worth your while.