Death Reigns In Helsinki


How death was celebrated at Kuolema II


I was quite excited about this event, since it had some of my favorite bands and some that I had never seen before. Although this event was supposed to be at Turku it got moved to Helsinki after the venue in Turku started fucking up their things. So applause to the organizer for making it happen anyway.


We arrived to the venue a bit before the doors would open and met some friends outside and reminisced some good old days when we would come to a show one or even two hours before the doors opened and we would still have to get in line to get in and people would chant ”Ovet auki!” (Open the doors!) No sign of a line today and nobody´s chanting anything. We have come far from the glory days of metal.


The Venue. 

Time for the first band! Gorephilia has the honor of starting the festival. I´ve seen them so many times now that I know what to expect and they delivered. They also played some new material so I guess that they exceeded my expectations. It seemed like the stage would have been a bit too large for them, but that´s just a minor issue. Good start. Got me over the disappointment that there was only Lapin Kulta beer for sale, also known as reindeer piss. 



It soon becomes clear that there will not be too many people today. Upstairs is closed and you get your beer without a wait, but still there is a good atmosphere when Lie In Ruins takes the stage. To me Lie In Ruins is a band that was at it´s best on their demos. Newer stuff has been, at least for me, hard to get into and a bit too chaotic. Always great live though. Today I hope they would have played a bit shorter show as the dragging riffs really had people yawning. On the other hand they played Chambers Of Hatred from their demo times. Really enjoyed that one!

Next up is Pyre from Russia. I had seen them once live before and I had some expectations, but I was not prepared for the destruction they provided! Total fucking mayhem! This is the first time the audience actually shows signs of life and I personally went nuts about this show! So god damn great. One of the best shows on entire festival.



Time for some Mörbid Vomit. This band is controversial. Live shows are always on a professional level, but on the album the band just does not impress. So it took a little breather and went to drink some beer a bit further away from the stage. I don´t know, but it seemed like the audience gave a bit cold shoulder for these Lahti freaks.


Mörbid Vomit

The time had come. This is why we came here today. Torture Killer. Fucking. Torture. Killer. The best death metal band this country has to offer. Nail to the head and let´s party! Crowd goes total apeshit while Torture Killer delivers all the best hits they have! Fantasies of Chris Barnes playing a show with Torture Killer (if you don´t get the connection, check Torture Killers second album, Swarm.) are soon forgotten as Pessi Haltsonen brutally gargles the songs of death to the masses and delivers punishment! How often do you see crowd singing along to death metal songs? Not often. But when I Chose Death plays, everyone who has heard the song sings along! This show stays in the memory for a long time.


Torture Killer

Last band for the day is Angelcorpse. Long awaited curiosity. Proved to be a huge disappointment and I left home before the show ends. I´m not alone with my opinion, ask anyone who was there. Not going to waste my breath on this one.




Started the day with a terrible hangover. Also missed Sadistik Forest. Fuck it then. There´s even less people here today than the day before… What is wrong with people. Quality death on their doorstep and then they don´t come. Wonder how much Close Up Båten affected the outcome. Krypts opens the day for me then. Krypts released their second album just in time for Kuolema II. If I´m not mistaken this day was the release date. I had not heard any of the new material despite many chances. Krypts played the whole album from start to finish and while it was different Krypts show, it was hard to get a hang of it. Still good suffering. Liked it.



Next up is one of the most anticipated bands for me. Wombbath. I really liked Downfall Rising and I had waited for this day to come. Sadly, HM-2 sounds often shitty live and so is the case here too. Also Jonny Petterssons speaks aroused a mild shared sense of shame. ”I´d choose Death Metal over religion any day!” well so do everyone else in this room, ”We came to play Death Metal how it´s supposed to be played!” Krypts just left dead bodies on the stage… Overall Wombbath was a bit of a disappointment while Under Apokalypsens Svarta Vingar and I Am The Abyss were great songs live too. Also Wombbath is probably best band name ever.



Sotajumala ripped up the place and was easily the best act for Saturday. There´s not too many death metal bands that sing in Finnish, so it´s always good to see Sotajumala live. Also the front man Mynni Luukkainen must be the most rock star person in Finland. This band never fails.



I tend to overlook bands like Defeated Sanity, as it´s something I would never listen at home. I´m glad I gave it a chance since it proved to be one the best shows on the festival. This carjacker looking vocalist is insane and the whole band is just tight! At this point of the festival, we see the first and last pit. Sad? Maybe. Still not going to listen to it at home but had support them by buying a shirt.


Defeated Sanity

Last act for the festival is Swedish Centinex. I don´t know what to expect when they climb on stage, but after few songs I´m all fire with this band. A Worthy ending for the festival as Centinex delivers some quality death! I´m in awe as they leave the stage ans I could not be happier. Well done Centinex and Kuolema II. Thanks for the good times.



Over and out.