Review: Devenial Verdict – Soulthirst


Devenial Verdict comes from Helsinki, Finland, the land of thousand death metal bands. Formed in 2006 Devenial Verdict has released three demos and two EP´s Corpus and the newborn Soulthirst.


Devenial Verdict does not play typical ”Finnish Death Metal” like bands such as Convulse or Corpsessed and others. Their way is more brutal, in your face and perhaps even American? Maybe. With a Finnish twist of course. No American band is this dark. ”Thrones,”the opening track for Soulthirst and also a music video track, is ominous song. Creeping up the spine and then all of a sudden, total destruction. Classical DV song. ”Fall Of Faith” is my personal favorite on this record. It starts out as a relentless punishment, but mellows a bit to beautiful melodies that sooth you to false sense of security until it blasts you again to the ground. Third song ”Sun Hammer” is a mid tempo track that basically just readies you for the worst. You are about to get what you deserve. ”The Corinthian” comes to collect. Challenges for the title of number one track on the EP but ”Fall Of Faith” just about holds it. ”Despoiler,” the ending track, is a massive one. Same time it manages to be angry, lurking in the shadows and straight forward beating. An ending that Soulthirst deserves. Overall you can safely say that these guys know what they are doing. Also a hint to the labels out there. This quality band is still wandering about. Recommended to EVERYONE, but especially to those who love musicians who play just on point.