Old School Never Dies – Cartilage (FIN)



Cartilage, formed in 1991 in Vaasa, Finland, represents that Old School Finnish Death Metal that we know so well these days. Even though Cartilage never had international success in it´s time and having released only two demos and one split, Cartilage now has a ”cult” status among Old School Death Metal fans worldwide. Other than it´s music, Cartilage had also a notable line up. Harri Huhtala (Throes Of Dawn) on bass, Kai Hahto (Nightwish, Wintersun, etc) on drums, Mikko Hannuksela (Tomb Of Finland, ex-Enochian Crescent) on guitar, Karri Suoraniemi (The Crescent, ex-Enochian Crescent) on guitar and Mikki Salo (Owner of Woodcut Records) on vocals.

As on the previous episode of Old School Never Dies, I will go through all the releases and will try to find some links for you to listen. Enjoy this pure Finnish death metal madness!

Encapsulated, Demo, 1991186173

This three song rehearsal demo is a perfect image of it´s time. More enthusiasm than skill and straight to the point songs. ”To Your Scattered Bodies Go” begins with ”evil” bass line and grows into a mid tempo song with sudden fast parts, a classical death metal song structure. ”Portrait Of Deformed Soul” is a bit slower than the previous song, but also contains those faster parts. Also a good show.First thought of this song was that the title sounds oddly smart for a death metal song of the time. You can´t hear the lyrics on this record, but you really don´t have to. Vocals do their job without understanding a word that is said. Third song on the demo is some seriously fucked up ”grind outro” and you can hear on the very end one of the guys shouting ”Vittu mä en voi kattoo sun naamaa kun….” 

In Godly Flesh, Demo, 1991 20755

On this demo the first thing you notice that the sounds have improved drastically. On this demo, in my opinion, Cartilage can take comparison to bands like Morbid Angel, Death or other big names and does not have to feel shame one bit! ”To Your Scattered Bodies Go” reveals it´s true identity on this demo and ”Infernal Praise… The Journey” is a very mean death metal song. Perhaps the song title is an early hint of the fact that most of the band members started to drift into black metal . Vocals on this demo are just so damn good! He sounds like he means what he says and his voice has this certain charisma on this record. In Godly Flesh is a quality demo that proved that it can take the test of time. I listened this demo quite many times while writing this article and it just keeps me in it´s grasp. The tape traders must have shit their pants..



Ex Oblivione / The Fragile Concept Of Affection, Altar / Cartilage Split, 19928125_8126

This split has an icon like status for some. Both of these bands never recorded a full-length and this split contains the best they had to offer. This was also the last record Cartilage ever did. First released by Drowned Records, (now Xstreem Records) in 1992 and re-released by Xstreem Records in 2015, with some bonus tracks from the demos. Cartilage´s part of the split is just awesome stuff. ”The Underworld” sounds surprisingly modern compared to the demos. Obviously Cartilage got into a real studio for this release and it can be heard since for the first time you can hear what the vocalist has to say and of course everything is on a pro level on this one. Still shitty enough though.

Once again I used mostly Metal Archives on this one, but also these web sites: http://www.deathmetal.org/tag/cartilage/ and http://sempiternal-esoterica.blogspot.fi/2009/07/cartilage-in-godly-flesh.html

Rest In Peace, Cartilage