Review: Ceremented – Chaos Mongering Degradation


Ceremented comes from Phoenix, Arizona the Unites States of broken dreams. Ceremented has released two demos so far, Unbound Horror and Chaos Mongering Degradation, both in 2016.  Under the hammer we got the second demo, Chaos Mongering Degradation.

Chaos Mongering Degradation

Ok, first of all, this demo is brutal. I don´t know, but I think it´s actually a rehearsal tape. I had to give this one more than one spin to get in to the swirling madness that this demo is all about. 

Fist track, ”Reek Of Pestilent Death,” delivers some gloomiest Death/Doom I have heard in a while. After the intro the song starts with slow and ominous riffs that really tells you that time to die was long time ago and you missed it and the beast of Phoenix, Arizona has come to collect. Track by track I sink into the madness of Ceremented and Chaos Mongering Degradation. ”Altars Of Waste” is a good show and carries on the mood set by the first track. ”Primal Contempt” is a bit shorter, not so much thought raising track that slipped by my ears on every spin. The real treat on this demo is the last song, ”Putrid Ridden Ordinance.” This song took my attention on the very first spin and kept it during the later spins. I bet this band does not get by anywhere without being thrown comparisons to Autopsy, but what can you do. Slow death = Autopsy. Especially the fore mentioned ”Putrid Ridden Ordinance” brings flashes of Acts of the Unspeakable

At first, I was going to bitch about the sounds on this demo, but the more I listened to it I started to think that maybe this band does n´t have to sound better. Chaos Mongering Degradation is pure filth and nothing but. Those who like their Death Metal raw and filthy should give some attention to this band. Pure madness and filth.