Old School Never Dies – Dominus




Dominus was a band from Ringsted, Denmark. I won´t say a death metal band, because Dominus changed it´s style on every record and slipped very soon away from death metal, eventually to become the most annoying band in human history, Volbeat. But this article is about those death metal times, because death metal Dominus is not that widely known and the death metal of this band was outstanding. I will go through all the death metal releases one by one so take time and enjoy the morbidity of Dominus.

Ambrosias Locus, Demo 1992 75299

The very first release from Dominus in 1992. Ambrosias Locus introduces a band that has been active only for a year, but still has managed to capture the essence of death metal to it´s rather raw sounding demo. Five tracks of classical death metal and the songs are actually quite good. One might expect that a young band like Dominus at the time, would not be able to create five songs that are consistent and more importantly, good. Ambrosias Locus was a great start to Dominus and I´m certain that the tape traders have been buzzing of this release at the time. One song stood out of the rest for me and it was ”Obscurantist.” This song is by far the darkest on the demo and also the heaviest. With some headbanging riffs and slowly dragging guitars this song got a place in my heart. All the songs except the ”Intro: Ambrosias Locus” can be found on youtube. I recommend to check them out. This demo is fantastic.


  1. Intro: Abmrosian Locus
  2. Blood Falls
  3. Obscurantist
  4. Suffocation To The Holy
  5. The Forth Dimension

Line Up on Ambrosias Locus

  • Michael Poulsen, Vocals, Guitar
  • Butch Christensen, Bass
  • Jess Larsen, Drums
  • Morten Sactorph, Guitar, Vocals


Astaroth, Demo 199350113

Astaroth is a bit of a hidden gem. Even youtube doesn´t have any other songs from this record than ”Into The Gods” and ”Spritual Mountain,” and even this one is a View To The Dim version, so I can´t say much and all I´m going to say is based on ”Into The Gods.” Dominus had experienced some changes in the line up since Ambrosias Locus, Keld Buchhart having replaced Morten Sactorph on guitar and Jesper Olsen took the bass players spot from Butch Christiansen. Sounds on this record are a bit better and ”Into The Gods” is more fierce than anything on the previous record. This song is one of the best in entire Dominus discography. Total joy to behold. Astaroth remains a mystery since no one who owns the record has not felt the need to upload it on youtube, feel the sting, you who owns it. However there was a live clip from ”Infected Cadaver Flows.” Nice. I came across one copy of Astaroth being sold at Discogs for 70 euros, so die hard collectors act fast.


  1. Intro
  2. The Darkest Deity
  3. Into The Gods
  4. Spiritual Mountain
  5. Infected Cadaver Flows

Line Up on Astaroth

  • Michael Poulsen, Vocals, Guitar
  • Jess Larsen, Drums
  • Keld Buchhart, Guitar
  • Jesper Olsen, Bass


Sidereal Path Of Colours, Single 199332582

Dominus got signed! Molon Lave Records released this two song single. ”Sidereal Path Of Colours” can be found also on the album View To The Dim, but the other song ”De-Ice Our Dreams” is only on this record. ”Sidereal Path Of Colours” is a song that slowly lays waste everything in it´s way. ”De-Ice Our Dreams” is a bit faster song, also good one, so why it´s not on the album? I don´t know. Also the vocals on this track are a lot deeper than usual. Notable thing is that this single has better sounds than the album itself. The difference is clear even to an untrained ear. Dominus had some line up changes again between this and Astaroth demo, but it´s clear that it did not matter who was in Dominus as long as Michael Poulsen was in it.


  1. Sidereal Path Of Colours
  2. De-Ice Our Dreams

Line Up on Sidereal Path Of Colours

  • Michael Poulsen, Vocals, Guitar
  • Jesper Olsen, Bass
  • Jess Larsen, Drums
  • Mads Hansen, Guitar

View To The Dim, Full-Length 19948431.jpg

This is where everything starts to change for Dominus. View To The Dim is still death metal, but you can hear and see that the change is coming. Dominus gave up their old logo for this album and started singing about vikings. Clear change to what it had been. View To The Dim is enjoyable album, even though the sounds are bad. The wrong way. Once you get used to these too-much-treble sounds you hear that these songs are very, very, very good. Those deep vocals from the single have remained and this is the first Dominus recording where you can actually hear lyrics. Some where along the third song ”Bring Down The Roars” I was able to get past the poor sound quality and started enjoying the album. ”Spiritual Mountain” re-recording from the Astaroth demo is a great song and probably the best one on this album. Even though the demo era Dominus is better in my opinion, this album is a good swansong for the death metal Dominus


  1. Symphony Of The Goddes (Intro)
  2. Tears In Black
  3. Bring Down The Roars
  4. Spiritual Mountain
  5. Awakening Of The Overthrown
  6. View To The Dim
  7. Lost Behind Scars
  8. A Sign From The Cryptic Winter
  9. The Blaze Of Valhalla
  10. Sidereal Path Of Colours
  11. The Raven´s Eye
  12. Weiv Ot Eht Mid (Outro)

Line Up on View To The Dim

  • Michael Poulsen Vocals, Guitar
  • Jess Larsen, Drums
  • Mads Hansen, Lead guitar
  • Jesper Olsen, Bass


Rest of the Dominus albums are a bit controversial. The First 9 still flirts with Death Metal but it has so much Rock´n´Roll elements in it that decided to leave it out even though it contains one of the best Dominus songs ”Dancing With Magic” that is still more death than rock. Vol.Beat album you can imagine what kind of music that is and Godfallos is somesort of a deathrock album. Dominus died in 2000 and to be honest, it should have died a lot earlier. I used mostly Metal-Archives as my source and of course youtube, but there are small pieces scattered all across the internet, some which I did not come across. I feel that a re-release of all these Death Metal demos and albums would be in order, if some label would be able to take the task. I hope you enjoyed this article and the Death Metal of Dominus.