Review: Eteritus – Following The Ancient Path


Eteritus is a rather new band from Poland. Formed in 2013 the band had released one EP titled Tales Of Death. Following The Ancient Path, the debut album of Eteritus, was released by a Polish label Godz ov War Productions in June 2016. (Godz ov War Productions, as a side note, has very interesting catalog, see here)


First impressions are often made with cover art. I sense some Entombed vibes echoing from this one and I have my hopes high on this album. This is where the Entombed vibes stop.

Following The Ancient Path kicks in with an intro that reveals the name of the game immediately. Swedish styled Death Metal. Melodies that rip your heart out. Crushing riffs and end of the world lyrics. I stand in growing fascination.

The fore mentioned Entombed vibes can be kicked out almost immediately. Eteritus has more modern and less groovy approach to their Death Metal. Maybe closer to Dismember/Bloodbath hybrid. Well that´s enough of name dropping. Eteritus shows it´s maturity as a band. Songwriting seems to be well in hand as I cannot find any boring songs on this album. Not clear hit songs either, but the golden road in the middle is found. ”Incinerator” rises slightly above others with it´s straight forward onslaught. On the other hand ”Mortal Prophecy” is a great show with it´s ferocity. I have to mention the vocals on this record. Very nice, deep, Vader like vocals that fit in this kind of music perfectly. Following The Ancient Path is a solid album and I can recommend this to everyone who likes Swedish style of Death.