A Dream Come True – Incantation, Depravity, Cadaveric Incubator @ Nosturi, Helsinki 28.7.2016


Incantation is one of those bands that I had wanted to see for a long time and now they were here. I was exited the whole day before the show for the mere fact that I was going to see them that day and with warm up acts like Depravity and Cadaveric Incubator, the evening could not go wrong.

Cadaveric Incubator

I have seen this band live countless of times and still they were able to amaze me. I had my reservations about them being on a large stage like Nosturi, but this show was the best I have ever seen from them. It was probably because of quality gear in Nosturi that they sounded more in-your-face than ever and this three man group filled the large stage with energetic performance. Of course, the humor part that is a trademark for Cadaveric Incubator was there and the band seemed very relaxed. But I would not expect less from these DM veterans. Quality show all the way.



I have now seen THE Depravity twice. How jealous are you? Last time was at the cult of a festival Finnish Death Metal Maniacs and now almost a year later, here, in Nosturi, Depravity is tight! How can these guys be so tight!? They sound like they would secretly practice together everyday… Well all of them are professional musicians but still. Amazing. All the ”hits” were there and one could only enjoy of these veterans of Finnish Death Metal play like it´s 1989 again. 



This is it. This is why left early from work and why I told them that I would come late the next day. Fucking Incantation. AAAAAAARGH! Here we go! This horrifyingly rude and rotten sound emerges and Incantation is on the stage. Fuck yes. On a personal level I feel fulfillment. Incantation delivers what was expected to. Audience was stiff and a bit cold towards the band but what can you expect from Finns on a Thursday evening? Nothing. That´s what. But I enjoyed the show to the last drop of blood. To me Incantation is the embodiment of Death Metal and I have now witnessed them live. Wheres my tomb?


I came across this YouTube clip that contains the WHOLE!!?!?!?!? Incantation show. Who does this…? So this is NOT filmed by anyone associated with SFTG but here it is anyway.