God Disease- Balkan Tour Diary


So we, God Disease, were on a 5 gig Balkan tour with Pussy Regurgitation in the beginning of June and this is a short diary from that tour. Stuff went down, things went up and shit got hit the fan. Enjoy.

1.6. Helsinki – Budapest – Cluj-Napoca

Helsinki-Vantaa airport at seven a.m. Fuck me. I haven´t woken up before 10 in a long time. Well, tired as I was, it was time to take the plane and head to Budapest. I was expecting the unexpected from this tour, but that I had to go through an explosives check at the airport in Finland…. well ok. The tour has started and no rules of normal life matter anymore, I see. Take off.

We finally arrive to Budapest and meet up with our driver, Vlad, yes, immediate Vlad The Impaler jokes followed. We jump in the van and first thing I hear that our show in Sarajevo, which was supposed to be the last gig on this tour, is cancelled because of some national holiday… Well fuck that then, I´ll drink myself to death in Budapest then.

We had driven some time since leaving the airport and we seemed to be in Hungarian countryside where our first FUCK WE ALMOST DIED incident happens. A Fucking truck misses our van by mere millimeters! Fuck that was close! No gigs played and the bands are already dead! Luckily we still breath and the van is in one piece.

Crossing the Romanian border goes smooth as Henkka´s bass solo. First cultural shock comes right away. Everyone knows that Romania is a poor country but this is more than I expected. All the houses are in desperate need of repair and Antti throws the punchline that covers it all: ”Welcome to Korso of Europe!” (For those who don´t know what Korso is, it´s the most remote place in Finland´s so called Capital area and it´s ugly as myself in the morning.) We drive for hours and hours towards the Carpathian mountains and I start to have some Transilvanian Hunger having eaten last time at the airport in Helsinki nad clock is now some where around six p.m. but we are not even close to Cluj-Napoca, as Vlad carefully breaks it to me that I´m going to probably tomorrow next time. Ok. Rules don´t apply. Check.


Take a break guys…

Long day of travelling comes to it´s end when we finally reach Cluj-Napoca and the venue La Tevi. Cozy little place with cheap beer. Works fine. We start getting ready for the show when suddenly I hear Antti shouting: THE PIZZA IS HERE! I grab a piece of it and I manage to notice that I had french fries ON my pizza before I devour it completely. I´m satisfied. I´m alive and I have eaten (and getting more drunk all the time.) Let´s play.


PR on stage in Cluj-Napoca

The show it self is mindblowing. Pussy Regurgitation opens the night with really tight set and sets the bar high for us. We answer the call and play the show of our lives. Nothing goes wrong, people are moshing like hell and also buying CD´s and T-shirts. What more can I ask? Beer. Thanks. Long awaited sleep comes down on me and the wake up time is far too soon…

2.6. Cluj-Napoca – Sombor.

Pancakes for breakfast! I´m ready to declare my love for Romania! I hear that a guy from our Resispossessed, as we call our tour party, has had some action with local females… Enviously I focus on my pancakes and start getting in the mod for sitting in the car for hours again.

We drive from Romania to Hungary and from there to Serbia and Sombor where today´s show is going to be. Serbian border is a place where I never thought that I would be. Despite reservations that I had for this certain country, everything goes smoothly once again and Resispossessed has finally arrived to Serbia.


Setting up the gear in Sombor

We reach Sombor early and start drinking at the venue Kafana U Sokaku and get our gear set up outside of the bar. Yes. Outside of the bar. I feel that this is going to be something different, but as the show time closes in so does the rain and 5 minutes before show time we need to gather our gear and move it inside. Well, rules don´t apply.


PR soundcheck

Once again PR delivers a nasty and heavy show. The people seem to have come to the bar more to wonder about these Finnish humanlike creations than the bands themselves and this show is somewhat awkward for us and we just deliver what we came to and leave.

After the shows, Serbian people loosen up a bit and we drink with some of them until the night takes us and we find ourselves drinking Rakia at the local promoters flat. I slept so good that I thougth that the Rakia thing had something in it… Zzzzz….

3.6. Sombor – Arad

We are in no rush, for the first time on this tour and we decide to go to a nearby village to have some late breakfast. This is something new to us. People just stare at us. Have you not seen a man from the north? We all look like this! Come on! Elderly people on their park benches just stare at us the whole time we walk through the town of Apati. Once we have had some food and drinks, we leave to our van and jump in. At this point come the other FUCK WE ALMOST DIED moment. Serbian police officer, hand on his gun runs towards us and tells us to stop. Suddenly we are surrounded by Serbian police and we think that here it all ends. We are toast. Angry questions from the police are WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR COUNTRY!? Luckily Vlad handles the situation like a boss and we get off with a scare…

Serbian border again. This time nothing is smooth and we are stuck on the border for three hours. Now we are in a hurry again.


PR on stage in Arad

We reach Romania and the City of Arad way too late and we basically jump from the moving car to set up our gear and start right off. PR is a bit tired. Can´t blame them. The day has been hard. We take the stage and release the madness. This show is one of the best GD has ever played. Something demonical takes place there and I myself feel fired up. No survivors.


GD on stage in Arad

After the show I MUST declare my love for Romania and it´s heavy metal people. We are treated like some superstars, pictures are taken, CD´s sold and autographs were given. This is insane. Never had that warm welcome anywhere in my life.


Thanks for the beer!

Unfortunately we don´t stay long and the bed calls. We are in a party mood when we jump the van and head to a place in the middle of a forest. Suddenly everyone shuts up. ”Was that guy wearing a vest” I ask and we realize that this night we are going to sleep at some motorcycle clubs house in Romanian forest. Rules don´t apply. Morning can´t come too quickly this time. Some very nervous sleep. Zzzz… did someone just fire with his gun? … Zzzz…


Do you want to shower?

4.6. Arad – Pozega

No one slept well. We head on. After hours of driving, we are stuck on Croatian border this time and the reason is nothing more than a thunder. Two hours flow by slowly. We reach Osijek, a pit stop is made as our driver heads home and drops us off at some restaurant. We feel under dressed as people are wearing their formal outfits and smell like shit and wear our band shirts and speak way too loudly. Food is good and poison free though.

We head on to Pozega where we will play our last show on this tour. We are there way too early but we don´t care. Beer flows and everything goes nice and suddenly it´s showtime.


Matias of PR feeling dizzy

Not much people here, but those who are, are all smoking weed. PR tries to get the audience going, fails in that, but plays a great show. Our turn. That demon that set in me in Arad has not left. I´m on fire. The show it self is not that great but I feel overwhelmed. I start shouting to the audience in finnish: VITTU SAATANA HELVETTI PERKELE! And this does the trick. Suddenly people are moshing and actually looking like they enjoy the show.


GD on stage in Pozega

After the show we get our share of croatian hospitality as we get our ”artist drinks” two barrels of wine and two bottles of Cola. ”What the fuck” ”Bambus, you mix them” Alright… Well Bambus works and I´m drunk as Hitler when invading Russia and I find myself talking politics with croatian people. ”Do you still have the prohibition in Finland?” ”Well no, but close to that…” I say and finish another 1,5e beer.

Time to sleep. Next day we would head to Budapest and to another drunken madness and then home… Home? Fuck no! I had not missed it at all! This tour was way too awesome to feel homesick.



Thanks to all the people we met and had the chance to talk with. Hope to see you all soon!


Tour is over and the whole Resispossessed has gathered for a beer in Budapest.