Review: God Disease – Rebirth of Horror



First of all, I must admit I’m little biased since I’ve witnessed the whole trajectory of the band and personally know these guys. But as always, I also can’t stay quiet if I truly believe in something.

Now that we got that out of the way, I can start the actual review.

Rebirth of Horror is the third EP From these Finnish Death/Doomers and it is a very compact package. The EP consists of little over 20 minutes of crushing riffs backed up with creeping melodies. The sound quality has yet again improved and honed to perfection. Heavy guitars and vocals stick out as usual, but all the instruments are mixed in more distinct manner, making this the best sounding GD record.

The opening track starts off with all the things death doom is about. This song is brutal and definitely gonna stick to live-repertoire. Throw in some Hail of Bullets- tones and rapid ending and voilà!

After the appetizer we’re treated with a more melodic dish, starting with a bass riff. Dreaming in Death shows very dynamic song writing, that gives us feeling that the band has really matured during these three released EP:s.

The third song returns to the darker and sinister side of the album, but for me, it works mainly as a foreplay for the last song, Deeper into Flames. The last song is the heaviest song on the album and has a massive playtime of over 9 minutes. But none of it goes to waste.

This is very solid EP, which begs the question: when will we have first full album release from GD? The full album would require only a few more songs and maybe an intro. The world needs more this kind of old school medleys.

God Disease can also be seen live in Helsinki Death Fest, 24th of September. If you’re around, go check them out!