Napalm Ted – Into A Black Ooze Review


Napalm Ted

Napalm Ted is a three man Grindcore / Death Metal act from Oulu, Finland. With associations where Napalm Death meets that Seth Macfarlane´s Ted character, I was a bit wary when we were approached to review their new EP Into A Black Ooze, but fortunately Napalm Ted is not a joke band after all!

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Into A Black Ooze

The first track, Born! delivers a fierce start to the EP. It a slap on the face with a shovel that has been used to dig up hobo bodies. Next up is Vegadeth… Napalm Ted´s way of humor has suddenly become clear… Vegadeth slips out of my mind almost right away because third track Harlequin blew it away. Only down to third song and I´m already blasting on the table! RAW AND BRUTAL! That´s how it needs to be. As the songs go by, my fingers have shortened 1/3 of what they used to be. Table blasting kills. Napalm Ted is fucking great stuff.

Into A Black Ooze is a well balanced, well played, yet raw and brutal work of art. Grooves and blasts go well together and Into A Black Ooze is very enjoyable creation. This music does not make you want to laugh. Recommended to everyone who appreciates simple but fast music.

Five torn apart Teddies of five torn apart Teddies.