VHS – Screaming Mad Gore review



VHS comes from Canada, Thunder Bay, Ontario. I think their name actually does come from VHS video and is heavily influenced by horror movies. With some Metal Archives snooping, I confirmed the influences to be horror movies, 80´s Horror Movies to be exact. VHS has released one EP Hi-Fi Horror and one full-length Screaming Mad Gore, which is under closer inspection in this one. Death/Thrash is the name of the game. Let´s play.


Screaming Mad Gore

This one was a real slap on my face! Very tight, aggressive and brutal music that combines Death, Thrash and Grindcore in a way that leaves no one cold. Or it leaves everyone cold. Like a corpse! I can see my self driving along the Finnish country side sand roads and blasting Screaming Mad Gore on maximum level. And I am going to do it. 

Screaming Mad Gore includes 19 songs of very american sounding (in a positive way) Death Metal. Lots of different kind of songs, for example the title track is 18 seconds long grinding gut punch, while Hairspray And Bloodspray has this insane groove on it. Despite the fact that all the songs have different approach, they all sound like VHS and Screaming Mad Gore is a whole package. Straight up quality!

Lyrical themes revolve around horror and gore. Song names like Radioactive Rat Attack or The Tastiest Chili In Texas, despite the humorous vibe, gives Screaming Mad Gore that 80´s horror movie atmosphere. While listening to it over and over again I had these flashes of old splatter films on my mind. That´s a prove that this album delivers what it promises.

VHS kind of reminds me of Sadus, at least on the level of intensity these guys have. I bet that where VHS plays live it´s a total mosh fest right away!

Recommended to everyone who owns a patch vest.