Uncovering: Rutsa


Yet an another Uncovering here. Rutsa is a bit of a grey line for Stench From The Grave, their music is a mixbreed of Punk, Crust and Grindcore, but I can hear there some Death Metal too. 


Rutsa was formed in June 2015 in the most metal place possible, Kitee, Finland. (Nightwish is also from Kitee…) They released their first unnamed demo in 2016 on tape and in digital form. It looks like Rutsa has been quite active live band, mostly playing shows in eastern Finland. Personally I had the pleasure of seeing them live in Vantaa and Bar Rock Bear recently.

Esu – drums
Jusa – guitar & vocals
Jaro – bass & vocals



Rutsa sounds raw and chaotic. Demo starts with a song Hylky with long HM-2 sounding crunches and emerges to a nihilistic chaos in just 2 minutes. What a great start. Generally the songs  are just under 3 minutes long slugde hammerings or even shorter Grindcore  oriented blitzkriegs. I really like that ”not so good” production this demo has. It brings some cellar vibes to their already brutal delivery. Special mention about the samples Rutsa uses. Some alcoholic drug addict subutex spluttering… Last song on the demo $ilmä brings it home! My personal favorite on the demo. This epic 3:05 long piece destroys your detoxificating body for good. 

Even though Rutsa is not easy band to hit with a Death Metal label, I think you should give this bands some of your time. They sound so dirty, so raw and so brutal that I´m sure you´ll enjoy of their music. I know I did.