Uncovering: Skulmagot


We were approached by Skulmagot to review their EP called Fascinated By Disgust so here you have a review and a bit of Skulmagot them selves.


Skulmagot, formed in 2015 in Helsinki, Finland, the very same city as we here Stench From The Grave! This two man band has released just one EP ( Fascinated By Disgust, obviously) so far. There´s not much else to tell about them yet and even their Metal Archives page is a bit incomplete but at least their facebook-page gives little about their origins. It seems they’ve been working in bands like Tukkanuotta, Ratface and Bloodlands.

They are assuring that their death metal is straightforward without gimmickery. Sounds promising, let’s give it a go!


Fascinated By Disgust

Let´s cut it short. This six song EP is a fucking killer! Fascinated By Disgust is heavily influenced by the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under. You don´t usually hear this kind of stuff played in Finland, the more common way here is to walk the paths forged by Convulse and others, but this is something different. One could even say ”Fresh air for a change” even though this EP is rotten to the GORE. 

Song names are a bit humorous like the opening track, Force Fed Testicles and my personal favourite of this EP, Human Kebab. Sometimes too much humor ruins death metal, at least for me, but Skulmagot makes it work. They don´t sound like a joke, they sound like a meatgrinder grinding your balls… and then feeding them to you! BY FORCE!

Fascinated By Disgust is something you listen over and over again, even from the bandcamp as I did here. Great riffs and dirty and brutal atmosphere makes this EP worth your while!