French Venefixion delivers death metal that is aggressive, raw and unforgiving. A real treat for all who want their death the old school way.

Who are you and what do you do in your band?

Salve, I am F. Goathroat and I am doing vocals and write all the lyrics in VENEFIXION.

When/where was your band formed?

VENEFIXION was created back in 2013 by K. Desecrator and myself. He was living in Australia and I was residing in Germany. We decided to form a band in order to perform that very type of Death Metal.

Why did you choose to play Death Metal?

We chose Death Metal as we already got a Thrash Metal band ( K. Desecrator), a Doom Metal band (myself) and another Death Metal project but that one more Incantation oriented ( K. Desecrator)that had nothing to do with the kind of Death Metal performed in VENEFIXION. We wanted to make something that is not very common nowadays, something fast, frontal, straight to the point and that is filthy. We had no intent to make it ’cavernous’, ’deep’ or whatsoever, we want to make it simple and asskicking. We want our Death Metal dirty, fucked and rotten, the rest can fuck off.

How do you compose your music? Does only one guy do everything or does everyone contribute?

K. Desecrator writes the music and makes the arrangements. I do write the lyrics and W. Cadaver comes with finishing with his solos.As far as the next release is concerned, that might change as there can be another guitar player coming and recording the rhythm guitar. But until now, the music on the demo and upcoming MLP got composed exclusively by K. Desecrator. I stay focused on the lyrics. We also did not rehearse yet, this will come but regarding this, it is too early.


Tell us about your lyrics, writing, inspiration etc.

Well, as far as the lyrics are concerned, it depends on the mood of the moment you know. When I get to fall on a subject that catches my attention on the radio, the internet or a book, then I get informed and get as many information as I can. Then, I start writing. That is it in VENEFIXION, some lyrics were written in 2013, all from the demo actually. I have others for the future already written and kept since 2013. I write a lot and keep it all. I have lyrics for about 2 albums yet almost. As said, it just depends on my mood and what new subjects come to my mind and interest. On the demo you get lyrics about a Sect in Haiti and Southern States in the US that uses Voodoo and murder to satisfy its appetite called La Secte Rouge. You get also a song that talks about about a guy that sees himself dead in a coffin, like your spirit sees you decaying and rotting down there, this one is a more classical themed song, a sort of reference to bands like DEATH or AUTOPSY if I may say. The third one is a song that deals about curses, the Defixio tablets used for instance in the Roman era to take revenge on someone by taking clothing or hair from him/her and using it against. It is like an ancestor to Voodoo. The last song deals about the Aghoris is India, they are DEATH, they act like living people but live like dead ones. They are very interesting and fucked up people. They live a tramp and garbage life, transcendance being their way to reach a Greater state and their Divinity while abandoning all they have or had.
For our next release, we will not deal about subjects from around the world, we are gonna focus on our own land that is literally surrounded by Death and Mysteries, there is really a lot to talk about where we live in Britanny (Bretagne), Death is everywhere, and our people have a deep and true releation to it.

You released your first demo – Defixio – in 2015. Tell us about it.

Well, the music got recorded in a cabin, in a backyard back in the beginning of 2015 by K. Desecrator. Then, we recorded the vocals in my living room, in my house, we both got sick (me on Vocals and K. Desecrator who was the ’engineer’) but we recorded the vocals in one evening and a morning, with lots of booze. Finally the effects and solos got recorded a little bit after by W. Cadaver with K. Desecrator recording the whole thing in about an afternoon. The whole demo got recorded in our area, Brittany.
500 copies got pressed. There will never be a tape repress for this one, ever!

How do you see the state of Death Metal music these days in your country and in general?

Man, the secene in our country is getting stronger and stronger. You know, France is famous for its old Heavy Metal scene and its Black Metal scene. People forget that there used to be a Death Metal scene back in the day with the likes of MASSACRA, LOUDBLAST, MUTILATED, BURIAL VAULT… In our country I would advise you to listen to CADAVERIC FUMES, RITUALIZATION, AFFLICTION GATE, ABJVRATION, SKELETHAL, CHAOS ECHOES, TORTURE THRONE, OSSUAIRE, HERPES, EVISCERATION, NECROWRETCH, IMPURE ZIGGURAT, NECROBLOOD.
In general, Death Metal-wise regarding the state of the scene I do enjoy bands like GOUGE, VERMINOUS, VORUM, DEGIAL, VENENUM, EXCORIATE (RIP), KAAMOS (RIP), REPUGNANT (RIP), PENTACLE, SADISTIC INTENT, RIPPING DEATH, INTO DARKNESS (It.), PSEUDOGOD. Death Metal has bright days ahead if you ask me.
On the other hand there are lots of bands and labels just trusting on growls and atmosphere. That just makes me utterly sick, using a huge production with ’abyssal’ effects and ’cavernous’ sounding equipment. Today, Death Metal must sound like you feel in a cave surrounded by twelve millions of eyes with a popsinger-like production… ridiculous. Finally dealing about chaos theory and quantum physics or personal feelings have little to do with Death Metal.

What are your long term plans as a band? What do you want to achieve?

Man, we live day after day with VENEFIXION. We have of course planned to make a MLP next, which is already almost written (music is and so do the lyrics, all is locked up) and this is it until today. We of course want to record an album but we take things one after another. Then comes the MLP, after some live shows. We would like to release a split but we need to find the right band for this and this might never happen, who knows. The rest will of course require some time. It would be some sort of an achievement of course but we have never seen VENEFIXION being only a one album band and basta. We will keep on on going as long as we will feel motivated and inspired for moving on with it. When we will feel that we just go round and round, then we will be forced to stop and we are far away from it at the moment.

Name an other Death Metal band from your country that everyone should hear.

I have to give you two. SKELETHAL and CADAVERIC FUMES. HEXECUTOR being the very best French Met

al band all genres together!

Free word.

Death is the most certain, unfair and fascinating thing on this planet and everyone of us must respect it to the deepest of our souls.