Where The Fuck Am I?

Lubricant, Galvanizer & Cadaveric Incubator @ Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa, Finland.

For starters I must open up the headline a bit. I had never been to this Rock Bear Bar, that has the most ancient website ever and was EXTREMELY hard to find even with a fucking navigator. This place was at some industrial area, sounds like an ideal place for death metal, but it was so hard to reach that even with a band like Lubricant you were able to get only an audience of 40 people strong. With a proper location I believe we would talk of 100-150 people… Ok, the location was shit, bar was nice, enough of it.

Cadaveric Incubator

This must have been like one millionth time I saw Cadaveric Incubator live within a year. Their bassist/Vocalist came up at the same grocery store as I once. It´s like where ever I go there is Cadaveric Incubator. DAMN YOU!

As always I was amazed how these guys play. Brutal and intense death/grind with no compromises! They are enjoyable to watch as you can clearly see they enjoy playing live and they have this charisma that only older guys have. Fucking enjoyable shit. Check them out.



These guys… they play real death metal! They have managed to capture the essence of old school in their music even though these guys are only 18 or something. They look like old school, they sound like old school and they smell like… I don´t know what they smell like, but you get my point.

Putrefaction Blues is one song that especially stuck in my mind. That hellish drum roll tells you that things are about to go apeshit! And they did! At least on the stage where everyhthing is pure manic chaos! Whirl of hair and instruments, some random body parts and that intensity these youngsters have! I STAND IN AWE!

Also, they played at least one new song, can´t remember much of it, except that bass intro… Some real shit coming, I tell you!



This was fourth time I saw Lubricant. Yes, I am spoiled death metal maniac. Not sorry. After 20 years of hiatus, one would think that they would have lost their touch, but no. These guys still play their weird death metal like that 20 years would have been 20 minutes. I mean… I was 7 years old when they quit… Still those surfing death metal riffs and Donald Duck vocals come out as tight as ever.

As a highlight of the night Lubricant really delivered! Even some old fart, respected member of the audience, drunk as fuck, found his youth during Lubricant´s set and started jumping around the place. I have used the word ”intensive” much during this report, but there really is no other word to describe these guys. INTENSIVE! STILL!