Uncovering: Vistery


Recently we got a nice package of mp3´s from Satanath Records and here´s the first… Story? Review?  Call it what you want.


Vistery comes from the cellars of Minsk, Belarus. Formed in 2011, Vistery was first a solo project of Alexey Kizillo (Guitars, Vocals) and later gathered other musicians in it´s ranks.Vistery has released two albums, Procreation Of The Wicked in 2011 and Sinister Prophecy in 2012.

”Inspired by bands like Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary”

As the headline dictates, Vistery plays Death Metal that takes it´s influences from the American scene. Even though these influences can sometimes be heard very clearly, Vistery does not sound like it would only be aping the fore mentioned bands. There is something more to their sound. Something sinister. They can have a really Obituary sounding riffs, but there is this darker and a bit more modern touch to it.

While all the bands mentioned as influences, have very identifiable vocal sounds, Vistery´s vocals are somewhat basic DM growls with not a lot of variation to it. But of course the level of Barnes, Tardy, Corpsegrinder is something that cannot be matched easily.

Lyrical themes seem to be quite basic DM themes and maybe even some political ones too. Metal Archives lists them as: Suffering, Religion, Revenge, Social.


Vistery represents that ”good but average” side of Death Metal, but I can certainly imagine that there is more to come from these guys. Their music sounds a bit too much home recorded, which slightly eats their creditability, but Sinister Prophecy is not painful to listen and I actually threw few blastbeats on my table while listening. That is always a good sign.  Vistery is also the first DM band from Belarus I know and I really must dig deeper to their scene in close future.