Death (metal) Sentences

Yet again we metal fans have to observe, as Confess got jail sentence and they might also face execution in worst case scenario:

This has arouse lot of discussion. Metal has always been under some sort of witch hunt, but man… it is 2016 and some countries still go all medieval on metal community. Why is this?

Well for starters, we have to understand how much religion has an effect on political systems in these countries and this may be the main problem. Most of the western countries have separated the state and the church, enabling the freedom of speech, including art.

However, this isn’t the case in many countries, where the religion has lots of power. Many countries try to ban and eradicate the whole existence of our beloved rotten tones just to avoid the lack of their religious credibility. Has this ever stopped the bands?

No. In the same way that death sentences won’t eliminate criminality and never will. Death Sentences don’t deal with the actual reasons behind the crime, they just temporarily strike against the symptoms. Like painkillers. To get rid of the pain (or crime), you have to cure the reason behind the pain (or the possibilities for crime).

Criminality for example rises from unjust society, that makes everyone compete in the same arena but giving others very unfair tools to survive in the game. This creates imbalance, where criminality is seen as a choice, even a necessity for some people to make ends meet. It could be said, that some societys encourage crime.

”Now, I don’t care about capital punishment one way or another, ’cause I know it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t do anything, except maybe satisfy kind of biblical need for revenge.”hqdefault.jpg

-George Carlin about death penalty

I’m not saying that Metal Musicians are criminals, but instead i’m trying to imply, that we’re dealing with same sort of ongoing phenomena with these bands getting sentenced.

In the same way as criminal behaviour, criticism will linger on, because unhealthy society will raise generation after generation of fed up people with lack of interest to kneel and obey. Even though religion holds the power in society in large, there should always be open channel for Criticism.

And how to make effective rebellion? To pour your hate into something, that is visible, loud and existing. Something that addresses people and makes them aware of the possible other standpoint to surrounding world. The answer is art. And from here on, it’s easy to see, why so many bands choose to exist in dangerous settings, with threats and sentences being thrown all over the scene. They want to be heard and they want to make statements.

If religions and goverments are confident about their political and religious views, they can handle criticism and allow bands to coexist with their own ideas about the truth and believes. Forcing ideas just implies that something else is also rotten, maybe even more so than the music. And somehow most of these punishment driving leaders can themselves get away with everything.

You may have heard the lyrics from Glen Benton saying: ”Died for me, well that’s too bad I don’t believe”. These guys didn’t believe and they might die because of that.


Iranian Musicians Jailed, Facing Possible Execution For Playing Metal