Old Cadavers – The Zombi


I picked The Zombi as the first old school band, because this band had a huge influence in my own musical development and me finally understanding that Death Metal is my thing.

The Zombi started as Zombi in 2003, at Virrat, Finland, but was forced to add ”The” to the name, because they were threatened by a law suit from Relapse Records, since they already had a band named Zombi in their roster. You know, that gutless, whining, spacerock, shit Zombi.

Anyway, The Zombi released six singles (!) and two EP´s during their six year reign. Back then we had this platform for unsigned bands to showcase their music (we still have it, but no one uses it) called Mikseri.net where all The Zombi material was able to be found (and still is: http://www.mikseri.net/artists/?id=27063 all the songs can be donwloaded from there too!) I remember me and few of my friend who were into Death Metal, banging the shit out of our heads to the blast beats and insanely catchy riffs of songs like, Lawnmower Massacre and Reanimated. I never had their releases in my hands, but if someone wishes to sell me them I´m seriously interested! Their last release The Rottening EP, released in 2009, is something I managed to miss entirely and just today found out that they had honed their sound to almost perfection on it. Songs are not as catchy as the first ones, but still good old The Zombi Death Metal.

I had the pleasure of seeing The Zombi play live once in Helsinki at long since gone bar Inferno. It must have been in 2008 since I have vague memories of me serving my military service at the time. Very small stage, guys almost playing shoulder to shoulder, but for me it was a night to remember. The Zombi, after all those years of Lawnmowing to the beats of Lawnmowing Massacre, I saw The Zombi live! I don´t think that for the guys in the band it was that special, but for me, 18 years back then, 2 euros house long drinks and Pirun Hyvä Kortti… (a card which lowered the prices of nearly everything in the bar) I still have that card… anyway. It was cool. For me those guys were real superstars back then.

I believe The Zombi is now disbanded although Metal Archives says they would still be active, but I doubt it since few members have went on and formed Mörbid Vomit.