From the depths of 90´s we were able to bring you Lividity! Enjoy this passion filled interview!

Who are you and what do you do in your band?

Dave Kibler here. I play guitar, scream vocals, drink all the beer, plus rape and pillage the women! Well, the raping and pillaging is just a hobby of mine!


When/where was your band formed?

I created this monster with the ideas of slaying the weak back in 1993 in our little shithole state of Illinois (USA)! When death metal was getting stronger and the anxieties of crushing a stage was getting more intense for me! Tommy Davis (drums) and myself (guitar) were in a thrash band called Section 8 and we would write/record in Tommy’s attic of raw and ferocious demo songs which eventually became the demo cassette “Ritual Of Mortal Impalement” 1994! Before that, I recorded a 3 song demo as 1 man project in 1993!

Why did you choose to play Death Metal?

I have an intense personality and the only way to calm this savage beast is with strong, fast and heavy music! It is definitely great medicine for me! Death Metal is my higher power!!

How do you compose your music? Does only one guy do everything or does everyone contribute?

At the beginning it was a couple guys bouncing ideas back and forth… then the others would follow! But with this line up (on the last album “To Desecrate And Defile”) it was a contribution from all 4 members! We have more riffs and beats than we have time as we live so far away, but when we write a song, all of us have extra ideas to strengthen the structure to it’s best potential! It’s awesome to write this way!!

Tell us about your lyrics, writing, inspiration, etc.

The beginning of Lividity as I started it was more in the darker and sinister life of serial murder, sex and deviant activities! But when Tommy Davis joined me and started writing the lyrics, it was more of the sex and hate crime type! That really grew on us as we have had bullshit ex-wives or girlfriends… Dealing with their lies and manipulations and we really wanted to strangle them to their death!! Since that is against the law (here in the USA) we kept singing about those whores who want to be treated like whores! We were told, back in the early years, that these issues are not metal!! What metal music and abrasive lyrics mean to me are there are NO BOUNDARIES!! We are free to talk about killing, having road rage, or whatever is true to our hearts!! Every song does not have to be about fucking corpses or vandalizing graveyards!! So to everyone who wished us to fail… FUCK YOU!!!! If your wife is fucking the milkman or she happens to take every penny you own so she can whine and dine in all the fancy places or drive nice cars or whatever… Bash her up side the fucking head because that pussy can’t be that powerful!! Take control!!

Lividity is one those bands with actual history. What keeps you going?

The younger bands that are out there! Their hunger fuels me! And the veteran bands that are still surviving! We always look forward to see old faces and friends as well as the newer generation that are into the scene and probably were in diapers when we started haha! This is great that the death metal scene will not die because there are kids and older folks that really relate to the issues and intensity of metal music! I cannot, and will not complain about the adventures and longevity Lividity has endured! It has all been amazing and when you get your best friends, as we are family, together to create in the rehearsal room or play on stage, there is no better rush than that!! It’s still fun and no one can take that away from us!! We stay young because of the metal scene and opportunities! Death Metal music is the “fountain of youth”!!

How do you see the state of Death Metal music these days in your country and in general?

I see a great unity of metal heads that come to these shows and listen to the CD’s for one purpose and that is to relish the intense and heart felt demonstration of glorious and tribal (if you will) music that makes our blood boil and is very exciting!! I love the music, can relate to the issues and the blasting fury to my cranium cannot go unmatched!! Sonic fury! I don’t want to say anything negative about such a beast!! This is my life… this is in my blood!!Let’s do this shit together as one unit!! That’s what makes this scene stronger than any other scene!!

What are your long term plans as a band? What do you want to achieve?

We don’t think long term… We think about exciting others at the next show or what we can do to create another great album!! Keep it simple and keep it real!! 3 kinds of people in this world… (1) the ones that make things happen (2) the ones that wait for things to happen (3) and the ones that just say “what happened” when it fucking passes them by!! The only one that matters is making things happen!!

Name another Death Metal band from your country that everyone should hear.

I recommend Dead Shore (which has Lividity bassist, Jake) as bass and lead vocals… Lividity drummer, Garrett, has 2 bands together called Sons Of Famine and Imperial Savagery… All are real cool!!

Free word.

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