In Obscurity Revealed

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In Obscurity Revealed is one those bands that has lately made the biggest impact on me personally. Raw and brutal, yet old school.

Who are you and what do you do in your band?

F.M. here. I play bass/vocals for the band.

When/where was your band formed?

We started the band in 2014, we are originally from Mexico City

Why did you choose to play Death Metal?

Musical and philosophical influences led us to create a dark and raw sound. Not only for the music also questions about how we see this reality.

How do you compose your music? Does only one guy do everything or does everyone contribute?

I could say I’m the main composer, but in the process I think the whole band plays an important role

Tell us about your lyrics, writing, inspiration etc.

The concept and influence of the band is certainly linked to the occult. It seems important to clarify that we are not a completely theistic band. But I can talk about lines of thought as BOTD wich has a big presence in the concept of the band.

Your demo Spell Of The Seeker came out in 2015, tell us about it. Can we expect a full-length album anytime soon?

The release of our demo was a self production. This year we expect a re-edition by Caverna Abismal (Portugal)
We are now working on 2 new songs, maybe for a 7 inches release.

How do you see the state of Death Metal music these days in your country and in general?

I think worldwide movement in terms of Death and Black metal is quite impressive. Personally I follow a lot of bands from different countries. Talking about the things in my country I don´t think there´s such a strong movement due to different factors. I think the old school trends continue moving many local bands and that doesn´t allow them to manifest their music and in their concept.

What are your long term plans as a band? What do you want to achieve?

In terms of music the manifestation of our legacy is directly linked to the raw sound of death and the occult. Following the path of ascension is essential part of this process as a band.

Name an other Death Metal band from your country that everyone should hear.

Ominous Crucifix

Free Word.

Thanks for the contact. As i said before, we are working on new material.

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