Red Alert – Insights To Russian Death Metal – Bloodshed

As january draws to an end, so does our Russian death metal month. The finishing article gives you a peek on another brutal orchestra, Bloodshed.

Bloodshed seems to fit our series pretty well. It has been formed few years ago, they have only one album and the overall sound has evolved into western standards. These are not our qualifications for the bands, the russian scene just seems to be this way, at least according to this tiny autopsy we’ve done for this music scene in Russia.

Also there apparently is a Russian medium called VKontakte, that seems to link all the bands and fans together, but all the discussion is dealt in Russia. So doing these overviews is very much limited for not understanding what’s going on on those forums.

Enough about the meta-mumbling. How’s the bloodshed? Pretty damn brutal if you ask me.

The riffs have huge variety, from death-thrash to more grinding elements, but general idea or deeper analysis is nearly impossible, because finding more material from this band is a deal breaker.

Their sound is modern, it has something similar with newer Suffocation albums. Have a listen:

The band has been formed around two members of more technical death metal band named ”Immoralist” (split-up), which may to some extent explain the coherent song structure and the quality of their debut album. Or maybe the new guys are the brains behind this project. Their humble way of not sharing any knowledge anywhere keeps you guessing.

This is really interesting stuff, definitely gonna keep checking for future material from these maniacs.

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Lastly, few personal words from us:

Thank you for going through this rotten month with us. It has been a joy to broaden the horizon to direction, from where the sunrise comes with blood red sky. Now we understand little more of that.

We’re currently composing new ideas for our modest death metal blog/site. We’re thinking of making an ongoing ”old school death metal” -section, but we’re probably also going to return to these region-oriented overviews.

Because we’re not professionals, we’re open for all the debate, all the feedback we can get and of course very interested of what you guys think. So make some damn racket every now and then.


Grave Reeker