Red Alert – Insights To Russian Death Metal – Wombripper



I came across Wombripper when I was drooling on some past and upcoming shows on St.Petersburg wondering if I would have the guts to cross the mythic and evil eastern border (From Finnish point of view) someday. I still haven´t done it but it creeps my mind more often now. Maybe. Just maybe.




First impression of Wombripper was ”What a great name, I have to check them out!” and I´m glad I did, because they just blew me away with their extremely rotten and old school sound. First song I heard was Morbid Aberration from Morbid Aberrations demo. This is also their only release so far. It´s no surprise that all the physical copies are sold out, but if you can tolerate digital versions, you can download them from their bandcamp for just 2$. I still hope I get the physical version someday too.



Wombripper comes from a place called Nizhny Novgorod and was formed in 2012. First demo, earlier mentioned Morbid Aberrations, was released in 2014. While Wombripper don´t seem to be very active in recording, their Facebook page tells that they are very active when it comes playing live. Although, only in Russia.

I recommend this band to everyone who likes their Death Metal rotten, brutal and old school. Wombripper is great example on how great the Russian Death Metal scene is these days and where Finnish Death Metal, for example, saw it´s glory (gory) days in late 80´s and early 90´s the Russian one is currently living it as you read this! Get on board. There is vodka. I hope.