Red Alert – Insights To Russian Death Metal -Chamber of Torture


Holy shit guys. I really want to know your insights about this. Before I even start just try this song out from their bandcamp site and comment below this article your first real impression:

This band immediately got me. As soon as you hit play, you feel like getting run over by  steam rollers with massmurderous intentions. This music is just amazing, absolute joy. The band sticks to groovy, crushing riffs and songs that last around 3 minutes. They have two albums which both have almost same duration of half an hour. That is just enough time to send chills down my spine which is going to be pummeled by these maniacs. 30 Minutes and you can’t feel your legs, that’s a promise.

This Saint Petersburg originated band has formally been around for five to six years, but the metal archives page of them gives you the idea, that they existed in some form already around the year 2004. Their lyrical themes may not come as a surprise; the name and bloodsplatters should give you quite good of an idea of their gory songs:


”Submerged in acid bath
Subjected to disintegration
Your flesh i abominate
Mutilate through decimation”


Part of what makes this band stand out is the talent of these guys. The band members seem to be linked to all kinds of bands like Pyre (see our first post of this series) and Internal Damage to name few.


Discography (1).jpg


This here is one of the true stand outs of Russian Death metal and very worthy to be checked out. It’s not all pitch-perfect but the roughness of the material and the overall atmosphere just brings you back to basics of death metal and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. Having a cold brew while seeing these guys live would definitely make my day.
They are currently working on a new album, which may or may not be published soon. The sample seems promising and still somehow I find myself constantly returning to their first album. But definitely gonna give this a chance too, because they had cheesy death metal bass solo backed up with chilling scream:

You were already introduced to their bandcamp site but there seems to be a medium unfamiliar to me. It’s called Vkontakte and most of the discussion is done with russian. Neverthless it’s here for your enjoyment: