Negative Death/Grind act from the former USSR lands. What more do you need!?

Who are you and what do you do in your band?

HeyHey! That`s Max and Pit from Morbital! Max plays guitars, write 90% of our music, also arrange most of the bands business with shows, merch, and music releases! Pit writes all the lyrics contribute music ideas with Max, also he has the biggest impact in bands concept.

When/where was your band formed?

Max: Our band was formed at 2014 at the remains of our previos band Gorilla Troops. Pit and me hated other guys and formed a new band to have good time away from old band!

Why did you choose to play Death Metal?

Max: I wouldn`t say we play straight death metal, it just a progression of brutality and aggression we feel and we want to represent!

Pit: I can not call our music 100% death metal. Classical Death\grind bands, also black-death or goatblack bands inspire us in an equal power.

Mainly we play negative Death-grind, we call our music ObscureGrind

How do you compose your music? Does only one guy do everything or does everyone contribute?

Max: Well it varies! Usually Pit and me contribute our ideas in different ways, or sometimes music just flows out of jam!

Tell us about your lyrics, writing, inspiration etc.

Pit: Most of our songs are about the world around us: war, religion and inner feelings. If our first demo songs are mostly with social overtones, the next record is more about inner world, new texts are about things that excite me, and I think about. My texts – are not just a combination of words, for me it is important to try to uncover the problem, rather than shouting template protests like ”Christianity – shit”

Anything to say about the latest release?

Pit: As I have already said, our latest record is about more inner feelings, it touches themes like death, and human instinct of self-destruct and suicide. It is much more negative and has dark, blackened sound.

How do you see the state of Death Metal music these days in your country and in general?

Pit: I can see that these scene despite its name is very more alive than hardcore and punk scene. Right now it is in developing time, a lot of great bands visit our country, but shame to say for many Russian people this just fun, and if they visited last gig, it does´nt mean that they will keep supporting the scene.

What are your long term plans as a band? What do you want to achieve?

Pit: We want to keep playing uncommercial music, and also to be much active as a band. Also we wish to finally visit in foreign lands, and break out of Russia and Former USSR lands.

Max: Right now we rehearse our new material for next releases.
We probably gonna have 2 splits with German and USA bands, also we probably gonna have compilation cd in russia, and a solid LP after those ones.

Name an other Death Metal band from your country that everyone should hear.

Pit: To me the coolest band in terms of music is Pseudogod, but they are much more of a blackdeath.

Max: I would like to mention band Bolo.

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