Red Alert – Insights To Russian Death Metal – Indeterminable


Another band in our series “Russian death metal month”.

Indeterminable was formed in 2011 and after few demos they released their first EP called “Damage Effect”. After that they made few singles which both bare the same names as the bands only two official releases: “Nameless and Dead” (2014) and “Symbols That Disappeared” (2015).

I was able to dig in as far as their promo song in their ancient myspace-account. Their first ever creation is your average brutal/slam death metal with breakdowns, repeating riffs and that fat butcher -type of vocals. Since then they have honed their sounds, riffs and overall composition in more technical style. Still modern is the best way to describe this brutal band. They are definately going in the right direction as their new material takes influence from older brutal death metal bands and the slamming is basically forgotten. Also the vocalists range has broadened, bringing more serious tone to this brutal action.

They vaguely mention that their lyrical themes stand for war, apocalypse and…. social? I believe it means criticism of society in large. Since I wasn’t able to find lyrics, it is hard to analyze their ideology.

Funny thing is, nothing from this band indicates about its origins. The band sounds like its american cousins and if someone would tell me they came from chicago, I couldn’t tell. The production has raised the bar in each release and the band seems to be aware of this, as their older material is harder to reach. And when I say harder I mean that they haven’t uploaded some material in youtube or it cannot be accessed, but with the help of Google you can easily track the older stuff down.


Indeterminables discography

Indeterminable is a promising band in the russian scene. If januarys cold atmosphere isn’t brutal enough for you, Indeterminable is like sticking your tongue to an ice cold pole and then melting it with nuclear bomb.

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