Freezing Thursday

Cauldron Of Hate & Skeletal @ PRKL Club, Helsinki

It was a cold day in Helsinki with temperature down at -24¤C all day, but I was determined to defy the weather and go to PERKELE to see Cauldron Of Hate. 

Upon arriving at the venue I noticed that the audience was about 15 people strong. Not much, but after all, it was a weekday show.


Skeletal from Jyväskylä, was a new find for me, and I had only heard some bandcamp stuff, so I knew that they had potential. If I had to describe their music (I do have to) I would say they are somewhere between old Death and Morgoth, including some Thrash influences. 


Skeletal pulled off a very energetic show despite the lack of audience. Very old school styled show with a Sepultura cover song at the end.

Skeletal interview will be on later, so more about them LATER!


This boiling stew of hate is somewhat different from all the other Finnish Death Metal bands. When other Finnish bands have sworn in the name of Convulse and other local legends, Cauldron Of Hate has turned their death worship towards Brazil and Krisiun.  From earlier stuff you can hear some Cannibal Corpse influences, but Emperor EP shifted more closer to South America.


We had the privilege to witness three new songs from them, among other fucking brutal tracks of sheer death metal madness. If you like your death metal with no chance to breathe during the beating, then Cauldron Of Hate is just for you!

This cold Thursday evening proved to be well worth the entrance fee of 0 euros (yes, 0) and I hope that both of these bands eventually get to show what they got in front of bigger audiences.