Red Alert – Insights To Russian Death Metal – PYRE


This article is part of our Russian Death Metal month.

Pyre is probably already known to those who follow the worldwide scene everyday, but here´s a small presentation of them anyway.

Pyre, formed in 2011, comes from St.Petersburg, the city where most of Death Metal shows seem to be in Russia. To me Pyre represents the best of Russia with their brutal and chaotic old school death metal sound, which is often described as swedish sound, but I find more similarities to Finnish bands like Vorum and Neutron Hammer.


I have had the pleasure of seeing them live once at Bar Lepakkomies in Helsinki. I remember they had very energetic show and they really ”owned” the stage. They actually sounded more swedish live… Anyway, I hope to see them again sometime. If you have not already checked them out, do it now. I promise you, it is worth your time.


Pyre announced in December, that they will be concentrating on writing new material for the second album and some of it is already written. Stench From The Grave remains impatiently waiting for next act of brutality.