Who are you and what do you do in your band?

I’m Kevin, and I’m the drummer of Mithridatic. I’ve joined the band at its reformation, around 18 months ago.

When/where was your band formed? 

My first band formed around 2007, I guess, when I was at secondary school. It was a mix between Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and Progressive Metal, something a bit far away from Mithridatic !

Why did you choose to play Death Metal?

I’ve beginning to listen music with Rock and Heavy Metal bands, but the drumming was not always very interesting in itself, even if perfectly suited for the music. I was never really into Thrash Metal, because it’s based a lot on the same pattern. Then Death Metal attracted me because the drumming is challenging, and can be creative too. Also, it’s pretty new, so I think there are still lots of things to do. I don’t say that Death Metal drumming is the only which is interesting, I’ve beginning with Jazz and Rock, and that’s also an interesting drumming, but in Death Metal, you can use groove and very fast double bass drums pattern on the very same song, that’s why I like this music. Of course, it is not just about drums. The guitar riffing is also very interesting, and versatile. You find rhythm and melody, they sound full and loud. And so, the important thing is also what this music express for me. It’s something very near and abstract at the same time. When you listen to classical music, you often see something very clear, a scene from the real life, but it’s not the case when I listen to Death Metal. What it express is like everywhere and nowhere at the time. It enrich the « arise » of the world, and then offer a lot of liberty in what you feel and see through the music. It’s always something very direct, seething and alive, not something already fixed.

Then I went in Black Metal, because it express dark feeling, not just classic suffering, but anguish. For me to mix Death Metal and Black metal is very interesting, because it create a living anguish that take everything in its cauldron, that gives to your perception and existence a new alchemy.

How do you compose your music? Does only one guy do everything or does everyone contribute?

Romain, our rhythm guitarist, compose almost all the riff. He sends an mp3, only with his guitar, playing like a whole song. Then, alone, we all think about what we are going to play on his riffs. We meet for a rehearsal, and we play the complete song straight. Then we change a little bit the structure, we find new riff if necessary, we change the drums pattern when they doesn’t work etc… What I like in Mithridatic is that I’m very free to find the drums part I want. I hear for the first time the riffs without any drums, I try to find what Romain wants to express, what I would like to express, and I find the right drums pattern to make everything working.  

Tell us about your lyrics, writing, inspiration etc.

Our singer works a lot which different texts he likes, texts about drugs, addiction, anguish, shamanism etc… He uses his own feeling of anguish to make this very alive in his vocals and lyrics. I guess we all use a part of our personal experience and anguish to compose our music, but the music is not about use. Our experience is a path to something more abstract.

You have released an EP  titled The Hunt Is on, earlier this year, will there be a full-length soon?

Yes, the full length is already recorded, mixed and mastered, and will be out on the label KAOTOXIN in March, the 11th. The demo was straight Death Metal, but the full length album has more Black Metal atmosphere. So basically, I was talking about our full length album here !

How do you see the state of Death Metal music these days in your country and in general?

I change my mind about this every month! For me it has to be a bit underground, not for the underground itself, but to preserve the esoterism of the thing. I don’t want people that don’t understand Death Metal or Black Metal, or music at all, to destroy what we are all trying to do with differents approaches. Nevertheless, it would be great to have a better situation, like earn more money for what we are doing. A band costs a lot currently, and even your job sometime doesn’t give enough money for that! And we need money to do a great job, to go in great studio, to have a great sound, good design and layout, and also, to plays show… so I’m bit afraid that maybe some days, we will not be able to continue to propose any music to the people.

What are your long term plans as a band? What do you want to achieve?

We are all very motivated to make at least 2 other full length album, also to record a whole show. We would like to able to play almost every Week-End of the year, and to go on a 10/15 days tours one or two time per year. We are trying to create something that wan last a few years, to allow us to create good music. I guess we have reasonable plans, but we will do our best to reach them, and that’s already a lot in fact !

Name an other Death Metal band from your country that everyone should hear.

Well I’m also the drummer of this band, so I don’t know if this is very objective (even if I’m new in the band !), but I think Svart Crown is making something very good currently. Otherwise I think Seth is also one of the best French Metal band, and I’m very proud to have been drumming for them during one tour.

Free word.

Just thanks you for your interest in Mithridatic ! Don’t forget that our EP is available on bandcamp, and it is « name your price » currently! Get ready for our full length, I’m looking forward to know what you will think of it.