Hangover Death Metal


Necrodium & Cadaveric Incubator @ Bar Loose, Helsinki

You are now reading the first ever Stench From The Grave gig report. To start this historic day, I acquired myself a serious case of hangover. Absolutely brilliant.

Alright, to business then. At Bar Loose today, there was three bands: Some Black Metal hilariousness and brutally crushing Necrodium and Groovy Death/Grind trio Cadaveric Incubator. My ultimate plan was to intentionally miss this Black Metal ”What is this thing with six strings and a neck kinda thing” band. BUT, I put the blame on my hangover, I arrived too early to the venue and had to suffer THREE whole songs of this Satan worshiping LOL factory. Utterly horrifying. Enough. To Death Metal I say.


First up was Necrodium, also interviewed on SFTG earlier. For a bit of a shock their main singer, Lin Morbid, sat down the whole gig and growled from her chair. I believe she has some kind of disability so this can be overlooked. Necrodiums set was mostly from their debut full-lenght Remnants, added with one or two new songs. They managed to sound suprisingly crushing with just one guitar in the band, and the guitarist, Henkka Disembowelment, was a joy to behold with his sharp playing and basicly being the only one in the room moving all night… audience was probably suffering from the day after effect also, who knows. Although no moshpits or not even headbanging (what the hell…) the audience seemed to like what they saw and when exiting stage, Necrodium got great applause.


Cadaveric Incubator. Third time I saw them this year and I still don´t know what to say of them. They are very brutal, very filthy and so groovy it almost feels impossible. Song names like Cold In Casket and Covenant Of Gore tell you all about their musical themes and old school approach to Death Metal. Cadaveric Incubator is something you should witness yourself to really get the awesomeness this trio has. The abomination of an audience was not stirred much even by them, and it seemed like band by band there was less and less people there. Well it´s their loss. Faggots. Anyway, short and energetic show was entertaining and I am pleased I fought myself to Bar Loose today despite the killer hangover.


Pure Fucking Death Metal Awesomeness.